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How does Humidisorb and Humidisorb Plus X-Corrode work?

For a more detailed explanation of how Humidisorb packets work, visit our how it works page.

How many packets do I need for my enclosure?

In order to know how many packets you need for your enclosure, you must first know your cubic volume. We make that easy for you! Use our packet calculator located on our Humidisorb or Humidisorb Plus X-Corrode product pages under the support materials section.

Where do I install the packets in the enclosure?

Just open the sealed bags containing the packets and introduce them into your enclosure.  Humidisorb packets start working immediately.  Ideally, the packets should be placed where air can circulate around them, but this is not critical for its humidity and ambient moisture controlling action to be effective.

When I open my enclosure and feel the Humidisorb packet, it feels hard (or soft or putty-like)?

A change in the consistency, or “feel,” of the material inside of the packets is one of the more obvious signs that it is working hard for you.  Depending on its saturation and where it is in the long-term average relative humidity cycle, its “feel” can change.  The range is from a granular consistency to a putty-like pliability to a feeling of being rather hard.  Humidisorb is a dynamic product which is working all the time.  Its consistency varies normally among these forms and descriptions.

What is relative humidity?

Relative Humidity, or RH, is a term that indicates the ratio of moisture in the air compared to the moisture capacity of the air at a given temperature.  It is always expressed as a percentage and is also referred to as %RH.


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