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Posted on: Friday, September 18th, 2015

A+ Corporation has introduced a new pressure reduction option to their Genie® Model 702 Permanent Insertion Probe, a simple, safe and economical solution to extract a representative vapor phase sample from a source. The newest options reduce source pressure to approximately 55%, 30%, or 17%, helping to prevent condensation and maintain the integrity of the sample during pressure letdown. The Model 702 probe with the pressure reduction option replaces the discontinued line of GPRiL probes.

The 702 is designed for sampling at a specific depth in a pressurized pipeline; each length is customized up to 10 feet to fit the application. The probe may be effortlessly inserted into a pipeline without the need for additional tools. Once installed, installation housing can be replaced with a shorter one to accommodate partial retraction of the probe during pigging operations or placement into enclosures.

A separate RTD option includes a custom length, industrial, hinged top RTD and adapter which allows the RTD to be inserted through a built in thermowell once the probe is installed in the pipeline.

These product options are available for order immediately and delivery is within standard lead times. For pricing and delivery information, contact your local distributor or contact us at the factory.





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