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Posted on: Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

We are excited to announce the release of our new ACES™ (Analytically Correct™ Engineered Systems) with vertical style enclosures using our Direct Drive™ probe family. This will become our standard enclosure type because of their compact size and ease of use. The standout features of the vertical style enclosures are as follows:

  • Externally mounted pressure and temperature gauges allow sample pressure and temperature to be monitored at a quick glance, without having to remove the enclosure.
  • The enclosure is constructed so that one half or both halves can be removed for easy regulator adjustment or probe maintenance.
  • The regulator, tubing, fittings, and other accessories are mounted on a pre-assembled hardware bracket that can be left in place while the probe is being serviced or easily replaced for critical sampling applications where downtime is not allowed.


Our ACES systems are engineered using an application-driven design approach resulting in a tailored solution that meets your specific sampling needs. Since their release, we have found that although there is a need for custom systems, three common configurations cover most applications.


Model numbers and product sheets have been created for these common configurations with vertical style enclosures to make them easier to order. We will still require an upfront review of the application data before the system can be ordered as we want to do our best to ensure you are getting the correct system. The model numbers are as follows:

  • Model 530 – Direct Drive 755 membrane-tipped probe regulator
  • Model 531 – Direct Drive Model 750 membrane-tipped probe & GHR heated regulator
  • Model 532 – Direct Drive Model 750 membrane-tipped probe & JTR-H 4 stage heated regulator

Please note that the existing horizontal style enclosures with GP2 & GPR probes, as well as custom enclosures, are still available on an as-needed basis and we are working towards incorporating other probes/components into the vertical style enclosures.


Our website has been updated with information on the vertical enclosures and a revised ACES application worksheet for future reference.







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