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ACES Sample Systems – Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

We take pride in sample system design. Using our simple, consistent design approach, we bring your custom sample system to life. From the input of your process conditions and component requirements to the placement of each product on the removable bracket, our Analytically Correct™ Engineered Sample Systems are everything you need and absolutely nothing you don’t.

Gone are the days of getting a sample systems suited to a general group of users including things that may or may not be needed. We look at exactly what you need by reviewing your specific application and quote your system without inflating costs and including unnecessary equipment.

Learn more about our Sample Systems design philosophy, our ACES Systems flexibility, and why application driven solutions far out perform the one size fits all systems that exist in the market today.

Here are some of our most popular and most challenging sampling solutions to date. Let us build a custom sample system for you today!

Trace Moisture System for Trace Measurement Sampling - Have the ability to measure trace components at extremely low levels.

Trace Moisture System for Trace Measurement Sampling

As technology evolves to produce smaller, more capable and cost-effective analyzers, it gives industry the ability to measure trace components at extremely low levels. Reducing the trace levels of moisture, oxygen, or contaminants can improve device quality and yields.

Moisture content can have disastrous effects, even in the single digit ppm range of moisture concentration. When liquid hydrocarbons and excess water vapor combine to form a hydrate and are present in the sample stream; they can reduce flow, damage equipment such as valves and compressors and obstruct areas of the piping. 




Genie 701 Portable Sampling System - portable sample system for Natural Gas Sampling with membrane sample probe, heated pressure regulator and insulating blanket

Portable Sample System for Portable Analyzers

Using equipment specifically built for extracting natural gas samples for analysis in the field is critical in helping organizations save money and improve gas sample quality. Doing so will maximize the accuracy and speed of their data collection.

Genie® 701 Portable Sample System is a simple, safe and quick solution to provide a representative vapor phase sample from a pressurized line. This system is designed to produce an Analytically Correct™ sample for gas analysis in…




Process Gas Sampling System

The increased production of natural gas from unconventional sources, such as shale gas formations and deep-water offshore platforms, has created a need for more sampling points closer to the wellhead and gathering sites. Large quantities of free liquids are often continuously present at these sample points – hydrocarbons, water, corrosion inhibitors, methanol, and scavengers for example. This poses a challenge for traditional sampling equipment that was designed for transmission quality gas with a minimal amount of liquid entrained in the gas.

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