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ACES Analytically Correct™ Engineered Sample Systems

A+ Corporation offers a line of custom engineered, modular sample systems. Our Analytically Correct™ Engineered Sampling Systems (ACES) combine our industry leading sample extraction conditioning components with over three decades of problem solving expertise. The result is a custom, tailored sample system that will give you the most accurate and reliable analysis for your process. A+ is recognized throughout the industry for expertise in helping customers find solutions to even the most complex sample conditioning system problems.

Common Sample System Applications

  • Natural Gas Sampling 520 | 530
  • High Dew Point, Rich Gas Sampling 532
  • Petrochemical Sampling 521 | 531
  • Refinery Sampling 522 | 532


Sample Systems Design – Our Minimalist Systemic Approach

Using EOS software and 30 years of sampling solutions, A+ is able to provide consistent sample system design for each specific application. If you know the composition of the fluid and the analyzer you are going to use, simply fill out the ACES application worksheet. A+ engineers will go to work to design a complete, custom-tailored, Analytically Correct™ system for you covering the entire process from quote to delivery. The industry trusts our Genie® line of sampling components; now trust our expertise to provide you with a total ACES™ sample system solution. Delivering everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Sampling Made Easy

With our patented ACES™ line of custom sample systems, you get a sample system designed with fully independent components.  This modern design is unlike any other sample system on the market today. It allows you the easiest installation, operation and maintenance. Some of the exclusive system features include:

  • Hands Free Monitoring: Easily monitor sample conditions on centrally located connections at a glance without removing either enclosure side.
  • Removable Enclosure: Access a full 360° of internal components with our two removable vertical enclosure sides independent of the system.
  • 360° Access: Easily maintain and retract probe without disturbing internal conditioning components.

Visit our ACES page and Sample Systems category for more information. Contact us today so we can build your custom solution!


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